Tuesday March 24, 2020 2pm - 3pm MST

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Jordan Choo, Managing Partner Kogneta
Noah Learner, President Bike Shop SEO

Join Jordan, Noah, and Lee Hurst for our 15th episode as we share how to Build an Agency Data Pipeline using Google Sheets, Supermetrics, BigQuery, DBT, and data Studio.

This was a fun episode where Noah shared how he's building Agency Data pipelines using Google Sheets, Supermetrics, BigQuery, DBT, and Google Data Studio based on what he learned taking the amazing Build your Agency Data Pipeline course by Coding is for Losers and from many conversations with Nico Brooks a Principal of Two Octobers.

The approach we go over in the hangout is one approach of many and is great for folks who understand how to pull marketing data into Google Sheets with Supermetrics, and have played around a little Google BigQuery.

This is a high level overview that will not teach you eavery step to follow to get a pipeline rolling. Instead it shares the heart of the strategy and execution to help you mentally put all the pieces together.

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