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Manage Google My Business Q + As with our simple Google Sheets Add-on

We built this Add-on to help you create, manage and delete Q + As to help people decide to business with locations you manage inside Google My Business.

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  • This tool allows you to easily preload Q + As to Google My Business (GMB) locations through the GMB API. This allows you to address the issues and concerns your target audience has brought up. By answering them here, you can convert more leads into customers.
  • You can easily edit answers to questions.
  • You can delete Q + As that you've added to a location.

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What is the Cost?

This Google Sheets Add-on is availabe for Free for a limited time.

Can I edit questions that other users have Created?

Unfortunately, no. This is a limitation of the Google My Business API.

Why do I only see Help as a menu choice after I've installed the Add-on?

Refresh the page you should see the full menu of choices.

Can I copy the Q + A tab for each of my locations?

Great Question! The tool uses the tab named Q + A to interact with the Google My Business API. This means that it will only make changes based on the data found in the tab named Q + A.

Google My Business Q + A Add-on for Google Sheets

We built this Add-on to help you manage GMB Questions and Answers in an easy familiar way with the aid of Google Sheets.

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