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Our goal with Automate is to help you run a more efficient digital marketing agency and increase profitability for both you and your clients. You'll find tactical execution based articles and higher level Strategic Articles to help you grow revenues.

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How to automate monthly project creation inside Teamwork Projects

- Learn how to use a build a simple automated tool to automate your monthly recurring projects inside Teamwork Projects.  Read more

Steal This: Google Data Studio Style Guide

- Steal this Google Data Studio style guide to keep your agency's reporting streamlined and organized for all of your team members. Steal it now!  Read more

Google Data Studio Gotchas #1

- Learn how to handle data aggregation properly when using Google Sheets as a data source for Google Data Studio.  Read more

Google My Business Q + A Add-on for Google Sheets

We built this Add-on to help you manage GMB Questions and Answers in an easy familiar way with the aid of Google Sheets.

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