Rachel Anderson

Monday December 14, 2020 2pm - 3pm MST

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Rachel Anderson DeepCrawl

Join Rachel Anderson from DeepCrawl as she takes us deep into the world of Core Web Vitals using DeepCrawl, BigQuery and Google Data Studio.

Show Resources

Rachel shows us a code block in the hangout that we'll share once it gets posted to Github in early January, 2021.

Show Summary

We went over Rachel's ingenious solution to pull in Page Speed Insights into DeepCrawl results using a code snippet crafted by her collaborator Dave Smart.

She also shared a host of insights into all three new page experience signals, Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), First Input Delay (FID), and Cummulative Layout Shift (CLS).

She showed us how to spot the issues and how she communicates those to clients / developers.

About Rachel

Rachel is a gifted technical SEO and data storyteller who loves crafting killer visualizations with Google Data Studio.

She works on the Professional Services team at DeepCrawl where she works with some of the largest Enterprise sites in the world.

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